I can't figure out my sexuality?!?! Please help.?

I like boobs, mine at least, because they're fun to play with and mine are naturally big. But I wouldn't really enjoy playing with someone else's boobs. I like the way women's bodies are shaped but I don't really like looking down there on girls. I don't like the idea of it mainly because I think lf how awkward it will be. I somewhat like my boyfriend's chest and how broad it is but I'm not exactly sure whether I do or don't. I like the look of his penis but only the foreskin. I like exploring his package because he likes it. I call myself bisexual because I'm honestly not sure whether I like men or women or both. I honestly can't tell and it's tearing me apart. What am I?

1 Answer

  • Ok.....

    Here are some questions!

    How do you feel mentally and emotionally towers girls/guys?

    Imagine you with a girl/guy. How do you feel?

    Are you attracted to guys(should not take long to think write down what you first think of!)

    Are you attracted to girls?(should not take long to think write down what you first think of!)

    Why? Why not?

    Look at your results and determine how you feel about each gender..

    Are you Bi, Lesbian, or pan-sexual?

    Pick one!

    And write some where sacred why you pick one of these!

    Write all of your answers and calculate!

    I used the same questions to determine if I was a lesbian and I am!

    Good Luck

    Noni xoxo

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