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8 month old cat sneezing up blood?

I went on vacation last week on Tuesday and we got home Thursday. When we got home Charlie was very tired and weak acting, he had been sleeping all day and didn't eat or drink much. Then over the weekend, he began to sneeze up some blood so we took him the vet. The vet said that it could be a URI, or feline leukemia could be possible. I chose to try the URI medicine, because I don't want to test for the FL yet, it doesn't seem right. But he has been taking the medicine for 2 days so far, and it still sneezing up alot of blood and coughing alot. Is this just a URI or something worse? :(

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    Just take your cat to the vet. He needs serious medical attention, and yahoo answers will in no means provide that.

  • Amber, I know you don't want to do this, but you have to get him tested for FL, if not, he will be in much pain and even die! The sooner you get him tested the better!

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    Probably herpes.

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