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Help me please my butt is hurting?

But but hole has been hurting now for 2 days going on 3 I have a yeast infection that I have not told no one about and I am getting worried.right now my but has been hurting when I whip it and when I touch it kind of hurts. I look up yeast infections and it says it can come anywhere .... I am thinking that since I have not treated my yeast infection that it could have spread there and I am so scared ;( please some one help I don't k ow what to do I am just any girl and I want to stop this now I don't want to see a doctors can someone just give me advice on home tools or over the conner stuff please anybody have you gone though this answer comment please

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    7 years ago

    How are you positive it's a yeast infection if you haven't been to a doctor? I suggest you see one and actually find out what exactly you have.. And if its spreading I suggest you see one ASAP! You may need some sort of antibiotic or topical cream etc that you will need a prescription for. It does sound scary but you shouldn't worry. Make an appointment with the doc so you can fix the problem... Chest out, chin up and back straight... Have the courage, you can do it! :)

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    look, u will never find any another thing to do better than going to a doctor, he will for sure give u a help, cz even if somebody gave u an answer even if he was a doctor or something, I dont think that he will give u an advise that will help, cz u didnt provided much details first and cz he dont know much about ur situation, so go to a doctor a let him help, treating was never a thing not to do cz of shy.

  • 7 years ago

    Try putting some honey , im a doctor .

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