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How to be good at art.? please help?

hey guys i am 15 from india..? i was horrible at painting from my childhood.

but i really want to paint. please help me or suggest me some habits to which i can adapt myself.

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    1. Draw in pencil - a lot.

    2. Learn to mix colors - get a book

    3. Learn complimentary colors - shading and making values.

    4. Get a camera and walk around looking at subjects.

    What makes them cool? Why did you notice that building or car?

    Study it. Then you'll find out, color, contrast and lines create depth, movement

    and tension in a work. Then get home and practice creating this.

    5. Its all about values - use blue or sienna or combine both for greys and blacks. A subject has to have the gradient from dark to light to convey shape. There's a video on Youtube of painting an egg. And its required. Must do it. To make the surface of the egg seem round you have to create value with incremental shadowing.

    Do it buddy... its the best thing to work with and will be eternally happy.

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    Pick up some basic art books from local stores or libraries. Get a few sized brushes and really work on your brush stroke. Drawing my help you improve your painting skills. Practice doing still life painting and then you can move on to more advanced stuff like shading. Best of luck!

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    I recommend these two books:

    "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards


    "The Natural Way to Draw" by Kimon Nicolaides

    Read Edwards book first and then Nicolaides. If you do all the exercises then you'll amaze yourself, your friends, family, and everyone else within 6 months to a year.

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    Practice. That's all you have to do, and you'll be good at it. I guarantee it. I've dooded all my life & I'm almost 16 now but even adults are blown away at how good I am:) they say I'm good enough to be a professional. ^^ My art teacher was just like "what do I have to even teach you? O.o" lol

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    Practice, study other artists, google and watch YouTube videos, use reference photos, try to re create other artists work for practice, ask an artist you know, and take your time and analyze your work. Don't rush you work. Take your time an be very detailed. Learn from your mistakes

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    I see some people have said practice....that's a bunch of crap! Art comes from your heart! If you like it, then do it! If you think your not good at detailed art, then I would suggest abstract!

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