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is Andrew Wiggins the next big thing or overrated?

I saw clips of him and he looks amazing playing basketball.I think he's gonna be the next superstar in the nba

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    He is going to be good, I don't know if he is going to be as good as LeBron like people are claiming. LeBron averaged 20-5-5 in his rookie year at 18 years old with no college experience. Kobe couldn't do that so that shows you something. LeBron is an extremely rare player, probably the only high school kid to ever end up so good so fast. I know Kobe is great but it took him a lot longer to progress. LeBron is the youngest player to ever score 20,000 points and is currently 38th all time in scoring. How incredible is that? Out of the 100s, maybe even 1,000s of players that played, LeBron is 38th all time at 28 years old with 10 years of NBA experience.

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    Sounds like somebody is a Lebron fan and failed to realize or acknowledge the fact that Kobe joined a stacked Lakers team his rookie year playing behind Shaq, Eddie Jones, Robert Horry, Nick Van Exel , Elden Campbell.. Even Byron Scott got more pt as the 6th man yet Kobe nearly averaged double figures only playing 15 mins per game in the "Jordan" era. Anyway to answer your question I would say no Wiggins is not overrated at this point. He's 6'8 extremely athletic, has solid defense and jump shot. The superstar potential is there 4sure I believe it will ultimately depend on his work ethic.

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    If ANY of you can actually say Wiggins IS as good at similar points in their careers as LeBron - OR will be as good or better than LeBron in the NBA...... then I stop reading your post NOW. Ridiculous claim. No credible, objective basketball analyst (be it professional or bar stool) would EVER make such a ridiculous claim. Watch the Duke/Kansas game again. In slow motion. And then talk to me about the dominating LeBron-like Wiggins. He's simply not ready to dominate EVEN AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL. Let alone the NBA. Come on, man! Can I ONCE just read an intelligent, objective post from an educated basketball fan? Lordy....

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    He's an amazing prospect, and his 44 inch vertical is insane, they don't come much more athletic. He has a pretty solid skill set, he can't handle the rock like James could coming out of high school, but his shot's better than Lebron's was, he's definitely more than just an athlete. Future superstar for sure.

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    This kid not only has unmatched jumping ability and athleticism but hes a good dude, he works hard and i believe hes ready for the fame, hes too good of a person and athlete and baller to mess this up. if he stays healthy he could be great. We need to see him in college first before making these assumptions though.

    Source(s): history. Lebron A.I were all very hyped individuals and turned out great {lol A.I was great 1996-2006} but his talent outweighed his character by alot
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    Better than LeBron I wish he would come to Celtics but that's most likely not gonna happen

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    Next big thing

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    He is going to run all over LBJ.

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