What's wrong with me?

Im a 16 year old girl and I have never really been in a relationship before, I've had guys ask me out but I've always been too scared to try be with someone ever since I really liked this guy who I was so close with and all of a sudden he just stopped trying as if I never existed, but I want to feel what's its like to be in a relationship but every time I get the chance I always turn it down, I think I'm the kind of girl who wants something and when it comes to the point of having it I don't want it anymore, is there anyway to over-come this? I understand I'm still young but I don't want to go all my life with this feeling!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Honey, don't you worry. When its right it will just happen, trust me. I never had a really relationship till I was almost 20. There is nothing wrong with you, i was the same way! Know it or not, your prob searching for a more adult relationship than your high school peers. I dated one boy in high school and I broke up with him less then a month into it. He sent me a facebook request to be his girlfriend and I freaked out. I just wasnt ready for it.

    This feeling will go away. Relax and be yourself. If the relationship doesnt make you feel right, move on. You are young and high school doesnt mean much in your forture dating life. I am almost 21 now and I am very happy and over that awkward time in my life. You will get through it girl, dont sweat it! You dont need a bf to be happy.

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