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my parents have given me the decision to leave but when i do they threaten me with call the cops on me again?

I'm 16 and I haven't been getting along with my family for a couple of months now (by that i mean always arguing with my sister and me being the only one that get hit for everything...always getting told im useless and if i don't do what they want and if i don't put a fake smile on then i get hit and i have to lie to everyone that see's me crying and sees the pain i go through ) i finally had enough that i stood up for myself and ended up making it worse for me and my parents have called the cops on me and threaten to call the cops on my boyfriend because they think my behavior is because of him. After a week or 2 of not talking to my boyfriend because of my parents. i finally sent him a message and got in trouble by my brother because my parents think he knows better on how my life should be...well he basically grabbed me by both my arm yelling at me in public and told me to give him my phone or they will call the cops on my boyfriend. i didn't give my phone, and they yanked it out of my hand. i Left running to just get away from everything while my brother yelled "Don't bother coming home" I didn't mind i just went to my friends house and was able to get a hold of my boyfriend to let him know i was.

My boyfriend trying to make the right decision so neither of us get in trouble he talked me into going home later that day. He told me to stay in the car and let him talk to my dad and brother for a bit, after a long conversation my brother came up to me and said i could either go stay at a friend house or stay home and deal with the consequences

Well i went with going to a friends house, and they told my boyfriend "good luck man, this isn't going to be as easy as you guys think but with all means she may go. maybe this will teach her a lesson that its not as easy out there"

I was gone for 2 days, and when they saw i was able to support myself with out their help, they called my friends and made it seem like they haven't seen me in "forever" as my mom said. and then call my boyfriend and said if i wasn't home by the next day they will call the cops on all my friends helping me.

I'm back home about to deal with the consequence's that usually end real badly just because i don't want my friends and my boyfriend to get in trouble....but is there anything that can maybe help me? i'm not really scared of the cops but the cops never help they just go with m parents side and i just got to live through hell

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    This is abuse. Report it to the authorities. Report it to a school counselor. You can press assault charges on your loser brother. If you let it continue, it will only get worse.

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