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Hi! asked in Social SciencePsychology · 7 years ago

Is there a personality type that is always fully aware of your surroundings?

I seem to always be sizing up people and ALWAYS look around where ever I am. In all public places I am always aware of who is where and who is looking where and I dont know, is this weird? Even when I am with my family or a group of friends (even when I am with a bunch of guys that could easily protect me)

In class (i go to a big college) I always try to sit in the very back corner so I can see everyone and everything that is going on.

Is this a learned behavior or is it just in my personality or something?

I know I have heard of military veterans never have their back to a door because of certain reasons, but I am no veteran haha so I just don't get why I do this stuff? I am not nervous in public, its just a habit i guess? I dont know.

Anyone else do this?


i am a 19 year old female!

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