Was Finnish Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim a Nazi collaborator?


According to history, Mannerheim escaped prosecution at Nuremberg by Stalin's insistence and against that of the United States and Great Britain who placed him on the list, while members of the Finnish government were put on trial for 'war guilt." Moreover, he was always fearful he would be prosecuted.

Here are some videos for your edification:


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Opinions are great and respected; however facts must be substantiated.


@michinoku2001: nothing tricky about housing Germans on Finnish soil and launching an attack against the Soviet Union while they fought off Germans; then enter an armistice with the Soviets and oust the Germans especially after supplying men for the Waffen SS. If he had the bawls to meet Hitler and say no to some request; then he was not in a tricky position. Simply straightforward question, but nonetheless people are judged in history everyday. Otherwise it wouldn't be history.

Update 2:

@H-man. Thank for your response.

Update 3:

The Youtube videos were aired on the Military and History channels some time ago and were based upon ACTUAL EVENTS during the war. Just thought some people who like to look at pictures would like them cause some people don't read.

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    It certainly appears that way.


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    He was in a very tricky spot at the time. I don't think it's fair for me to sit at my computer and judge him based on YouTube videos.

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