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I may have dug a relationship hole that I cannot climb out of. Help?!?

This guy and I have liked each other for the longest time and he asked me out last month and I said no because I freaked out. Now he probably thinks I am not interested. I am crazy for him though. What should I do? I texted him and said I wanted to talk and he didn't respond. It has been three days and counting. It breaks my heart to think I was so close and I blew it, totally. Please help, I like him soooo much.... btw I am in 10th grade if that helps at all. Please do not say he is not interested in my because I know he is. I just wish I could fix this mess. Please help?! I am so lost when it comes to relationships :)

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    Ok calm down first of all. You can fix this problem. Be honest with him. Text him and say this: I am so sorry and dumb that I turned you down but I was really nervouse when you asked me out and regretting that I turned you down. I would love to go out with you, I think about you all the time. Can I please have another chance? Would you please text me back? I will be waiting and would love to hear from you soon! ......good luck and I hope this works and if he does give you another chance, don't blow it. Be yourself, be honest and don't complain or whine about anything :( guys don't like that. Goodluck :)

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    Just tell him how you feel. It's not the best doing it over text, but if he wont reply to talking, then it's your only option. Just tell him that you really did like him when he asked you out, and you just freaked, and you feel horrible. If he still doesn't reply? Maybe he's already moved on. It's just something you have to face sometimes. I've made a similar mistake with a guy I really like now. But I'm pretty sure he has already moved on, and I'll just have to do the same.

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    Well damn girl you really screwed up heh.

    A lot of guys will turn away if this happens, even if they still like you. The best thing you can do is maybe ask him out? But considering he's not responding he might be upset and maybe thought you lead him on.

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    Instead of saying we need to talk say you love him.

    I like a girl and we talked for 2 years I asked her out she said no I was heart broken so I just couldn't talk to her and I ignored her if she messaged which was twice then she fb messaged she love me and was wrong to say no.

    He probably thinks you are saying you want to talk with him because you want to be friends so just say you love him and you will get an answer :D


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    Just ask him out. He will probably say yes if he's still interested.

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