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A question for the Irish?

Okay this may be a stupid question it may not. But do Irish people speak Gaelic? I thought it was just called Irish. If they are the same thing please let me know. If they are not, then does Ireland have 2 languages? Thanks in advance guys. Also if they aren't the same, what is the difference between them.

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    Irish is a language in of many. The official languages are English and Irish. Then you have regional languages.

    Irish evolved as it went over to Scotland and spread. Over there, it became Scots-Gaelic and Manx (on the Isle of Man). I guess it's a beginning of Gaelic but many do not consider it Gaelic. I've heard it called Irish Gaelic but only when talking about other Gaelic-based languages like Scots-Gaelic.

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    Co nas ta tu? The Irish language is Gaelic. In their court documents they even keep two copies. One in English one in Gaelic. There are however different dialects of Gaelic.

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