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Can I drive a car that's insured without telling the insurance company?

I want a learners permit and my parents said it ok as long as there insurance doesn't rase. Even a dollar is to much. Can I possibly drive under my moms insurance and use her name or do I have to tell the insurance company, and if I do how much will it go up so I know how much I need to give them each month.

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    You can practice under your mothers' policy without telling them. But you need to be rated when you get your license to protect you and your mom's rates. It's better to be rated when you first get licensed than be forced to be rated after an accident. If that happens, you get a no insurance ticket, license suspended, huge fines for that, plus you will then be rated as a youthful operator, with no prior, and an accident. Not Good. I see this happen at least twice a week.

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    Insurers have an obligation to cover you to drive other cars. If a term or condition stipulates that you may not driver another vehicle and you are stopped by police, point them to the RTA 88 and the obligation that the insurance cartel have to provide road risk cover. It is the person that is insured not the vehicle.

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    her insurance company must be notified immediatell theres a underage driver driving her car with just a learners permit hons. and you just cant hop in her car and go joy riding. a licensed and insured driver over the age of 21 must be in that car. if the cops pull you over and your the only one in that car. there goes your permit and good luckk getting your license. and your mothers drivers license goes out window. and her insurances. and they will take the car and make you get out walk. none of this junke your talking about materrs. if your driving that car around on just a permit and shes not with you bye goes car license everything. and permit too.

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    Your coverage which you have for the Nissan will conceal you once you're using the Nissan. it may additionally conceal you for third celebration purely conceal once you're using yet another motor vehicle, presented that the motor vehicle would not belong to you and is no longer employed to you below a hire purchase settlement. rather, if the Fiat is registered on your call, you're crammed, as your Nissan coverage would not conceal you tocontinual it. With coverage, it is definitely as much as the motorist to be sure they have conceal in place every time theycontinual a motor vehicle. you will could desire to enable your Nissan insurer recognize which you have 6 factors on your licence because it may desire to invalidate that coverage in case you do no longer enable them to correctly known. the fee of your Nissan coverage could pass up somewhat using conviction. EDIT: to respond to your extra information, the reason the using different automobiles extension purely applies to automobiles no longer belonging to you is to end human beings insuring one motor vehicle, then possessing a fleet of automobiles having purely paid one top rate. Insurers could quickly pass out of corporation by way of loss of earnings if that got here about. I comprehend which you would be able to purelycontinual one at as quickly as, however the possibility factor remains there for the insurer as they could have situations the place human beings insure an old banger, thencontinual a intense fee motor vehicle loose, and if there became a loss, the insurer could have a intense fee motor vehicle to pay for having taken a top rate for an extremely affordable motor vehicle. the different issue is, in case you have been to get out of the motor vehicle, there could then be an uninsured motor vehicle on the line because of the fact the using different automobiles extension applies to you instead of the motor vehicle. the owner of the motor vehicle has to have it insured. The extension is there to cover you in case you're able to need tocontinual it in an emergency.

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    yes u can drive under your mother"s insurance but she need to add you to her policy and the price will go up as u are a new high risk driver due to your inexperience yes the insurance company must be told .

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