disneyland tickets????

'm going with my friends and my mom to Disneyland for my 15th birthday and I'm really excited!! I'm in charge of looking for tickets. I looked on the Disneyland website and the tickets are a little pricey. Are there other places where I can buy cheaper tickets. We want to go Disneyland for 3 days but if we can't we will go for 2 days. I need 5 tickets.

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    Unfortunately Disneyland is not cheap, and every year it gets less cheap. The reason is that it is VERY popular and unlike other Theme Parks in the area they don't need discounts to bring people to the parks.

    The best and safest place to purchase tickets is from Authorized Resellers or Disneyland themselves. However, you will generally not find a huge discount over gate prices.

    There are two types of tickets, 1-Park per Day and Park Hopper Tickets(allows you into both parks on the same day). If you want to save some money..look at the 1-Park per Day. For comparison, a 3-Day 1-Park per day is $225/person, while a 3-Day Park Hopper is $260/per person. Over 5 people that is a difference of $175. So it can add up.

    There is also a very good site called Mousesavers. This will list any available discounts that may be available. So read through that to see if you qualify for any of them. Also, pay particular attention to their warnings on purchasing tickets outside of authorized resellers such as Craigslist.

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    The best place to get multiday tickets right now is Disneyland. Surprised? They are offering 3 day park hoppers for military and retired military. You just have to know someone in the military to buy them for you.

    AAA or triple A or the Auto Club is a good place too. They will get you a small discount off the tickets, but their tickets will include free parking so that's a savings of $16 per car per day. But you have to be a member to buy the tickets. If not, it's not worth joining just to buy Disneyland tickets.

    There are well reviewed companies on yelp. All these websites have perfect scores with yelp.




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    If you go on Mousesavers.com, you might have some luck in finding discounts.


    If you are a Southern California resident, you can also get some form of a discount from various Costco stores.

    Otherwise, those are the regular posted prices.

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