what is the best car make?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I like Mclaren. sure they may not be well known, and they've only had 3 cars in the last 15 years but they are the closest you can get to perfection.

    the F1 from the nineties is still recognized by many as the greatest supercar in the world. a car that no other can stand up to even if faster. it was a complete no compromise speed machine.

    in the mid 2000s they worked with mercedes benz on the SLR. Though the engineers at mclaren were highly disappointed with the turnout of the SLR it is still regarded as one of the best hypercar/grand tourers for being as comfortable as a lofty mercedes yet still being faster than a lamborghini murcielago.

    it pioneered the way into computer controlled braking which allows for much faster braking and in combination with some of the first carbon ceramic brakes to be put on a road car, the SLR was astonishingly quick at stopping.

    in the late 2000s mclaren decided that it would go into the supercar market and go up against ferraris great 458 italia. the result was the mp4-12c. a car that is in every measurable way better than the ferrari. it's lighter, more powerfull, cleaner, more efficient, stiffer, handles tighter turns, brakes faster, more comfortable (measured by average vertical Gs) with a better road clearing and visibility all for a lower price. the chassis is so strong that making a convertible version was so easy that the engineers didnt need to add any strengthening materials to the chassis while still maintaining all rigidity and most of the coupes performance (same 0-100 kph acceleration time but top speed decreased by 5 kph)

    the upcoming P1 hypercar is the most aerodynamically advanced car in the world and builds on the already magnificent 3.8L engine which will then be pushing out 727 hp. that efficiency rating is crazy high and only bested by unreliable tuned racing engines and the very expensive Koenigsegg agera.

    on the F1 side, mclaren has a better win ratio than the giants of ferrari winning 1 in every 4 Grand prix they enter. sure ferrari may have more history in F1 but isnt winning more a better statement?

    mclaren in my opinion is the closest you can get to perfection in cars. that's why its my favorite and I think is best.

  • mike
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    7 years ago

    I was a used car manager for over 35 years and I had to recondition the every car for the lot which the total of reconditioned cars for me is over 70,000 over the years and with out a doubt the make of car and truck that was by far the cheapest to recondition was any Ford vehicle. And the most was any German car which any article will tell you. Ford will also be the least expensive for insurance and they have a car that gets 47mpg or the Escape Hybrid that doesn't kick in the gas engine until you go over 40 mph. I drove one as a demo for two months on the same tank of gas because I drove 30 mph to work and back. So the least expensive car will be an Ford. When I started selling cars in the 1970's J D Powers was and still is ranking the cars with the best quality. They rank them buy how many problems the cars have as an average the first 90 days you own the car. In 1970's the best would have 3-4 problems and the worst was around 27-30 problems. Now the best has around .01 and the worst has .05. The truth is that every car sold in the USA is built pretty good but some break down more often than others. How fun enjoy your new car and remember check your insurance before you buy anything and get the car fax if you are buying used.

  • Tweezy
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    7 years ago

    Honda is the most reliable. If you don't give a crap about cars and just want one that'll last forever, get a Honda. The disadvantage is that the cars are boring and under powered. They don't make any rear wheel drive cars and certainly no 8 cylinders. Toyota is a little bit better in this regard. Overall American cars are much more fun, but have bad reliability. My family owned a 90's chevy and it broke down in less time and less miles than our honda, which at 120k and 8 years still has not had one trip to the shop. European cars are for snobby people, like business people. l would not recommend it if you are an honest hardworking citizen.

  • 7 years ago

    Guiness book of World Records. Volvo has 3 million miles on original engine, transmission and rear end, one owner car though. Makes a difference.

    Had a friend who had two Subaru DL's. One had 600,000 miles on the odometer the other 1,200,000 miles and both ran great and still dependable. He had only done regular maintenance and changed one of the alternators.

    I owned a Jeep that had over 600,000 miles, still ran good, but the body completely broke in half one day while playing. I went home and cried. I loved that Jeep. It went ANYWHERE

    Not everyone can get high mileage out of their cars, much depends on the driver and maintenance.

    Whatever you buy, while driving, don't get in a hurry, no tailgating, no cell phones and keep the radio turned way down or off, check oil when you get gas, change oil every 5,000 miles and if you buy a manual transmission those cars seem to last longer as they do not run as hot. (Reason: transmission is not cooled by radiator .

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  • 7 years ago

    This depends on taste and budget!

    Ford is one of the best buys for the dollar. They make cars that can perform at BMW levels at half the cost to the consumer in purchase price and maintenance. Ford also sells cars that rival the price of a BMW, and are equipped (interior grade stuff) equal to the same level of course the price difference is not so great.

    However there are some classes of cars where maybe a Mazda or Honda are better buys.

    I check out the Consumers Buyers Guide for cars on a regular basis, because sometimes another car make is better in a given class and or price bracket. Now what matters to me might not matter to you. Power train and body integrity ratings are very important to me.

  • Ian K
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    7 years ago

    So many factors. If you have basic mechanical skills, low budget and patience, I say older Volvo 240. Low compression, non-interference engines, basic systems, ok mileage, built like tanks. I have two of them, figure about $1000 USD for a decent running one and less than $300 a year to keep it on the road if you do your own work. Know of a few with over 400,000 miles. A buddy bought one for $200 and put 150,000+ miles on it for about $300 worth of repairs. Interiors are bland, performance is meh, but they are hard to kill. Need snow tires in winter, or else you will be spinning a lot!

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  • 7 years ago

    There really is no answer to your question.

    What do you mean?

    Best engineered? Mercedes and Nissan. Best overall quality? Lexus and Buick. Best resale value? Toyota and Honda. Best value for your money? Depends...

    Never buy a car because it is judged 'best' in one area because there will be something else to disappoint you. Just get out there and test drive a few different makes and be your own judge.

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  • Chris
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    7 years ago

    Go with a Ford, Chevy or Honda...save money...all are reliable if you maintain them

    stay away from used German junk

    Grand National GNX is a pretty bad *** car or Pontiac WS6

    good luck

  • Jay P
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    7 years ago

    "Best" for what?

    Lowest average price when new?

    Lowest average maintenance cost?

    Ease of maintenance?

    Lowest depreciation?

    Lowest insurance rates?

    Best average fuel economy?

    Loudest factory stereo?

    Largest sunroof?

    Etc., etc., etc.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


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