im 19 and im in a confusing situation, does he want to talk?

So apparently we both liked each other for over a year bt never dated. We hung out twice and kissed. He says he always liked bt says we cant be together. He wished we could bt cant. Idk why. He says i want to be with him more than he wants to be with me. We syopped talking for a month then i saw him at the mall and he came up to me and sai hey. Afyer i left he texted me it was good seeing u. Later that night was when he said all that stuff up above. We havnt talked since that night april 29 and he knows he broke my heart. Bt he kept apologizing. I deleted him from my snapchat a few months ago. Well 2 days ago he added me and last night i accepted it round 8 pm and 3 hours later he tweets on twitter for the first time in weeks. He tweets "i hate when u cant sleep".....was he thinking about me? a few days later he tweeted :cant sleep...again" then 2 days later he tweeted "when old doors close new ones open" i texted him 3 months......he said what? i said you havnt spoke to me in 3 months, he said im sorry, i said "not even to see how i was doing..." he said "i mean i didnt know you wanted me to" i said "well yea i kinda did, but i gave you your space" he said "im sorry i should have" i didnt text back but its been 2 days and he hasn't texted me

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    Let it go, you have done enough. The ball is in his court. You might just do one more text. "The ball remains in your court" or on "Your side of the net" then let go. or "Keep the ball its been on your side of the net for too long"

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