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What is the education requirements for an office manager?

I know you become an office manager or executive assistant by just working you way up thought the company, but I'm wondering what the best way is to just get a job as an administrative assistant/secretary or office manager by education. I know an associates degree is good but can you get a job like that with just a certificate? Thanks!

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    Aspiring medical office managers who have graduated from high school or have a GED can apply to medical office management certificate programs at community colleges and vocational technical schools. You'll receive intensive training focused on medical terminology, billing, financial management, leadership training, health insurance policies, marketing, risk management and organization skills. To earn the certificate, you might need to also complete a practicum on medical coding and meet a certain number of hours.

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    Office Manager Education Requirements

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    An place of work supervisor frequently manages regular place of work obligations. they may be in value of billing, place of work machines (ex copier), helping administration team etc. occasionally an administrative assistant might actually help the place of work supervisor at extra advantageous businesses.

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    You don't want that job. Your workers will quit and call in sick all time leaving you in a jam.

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