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my new dog only pees once a day ?

I just got a poodle shih tzu mix from a animal shelter yesterday.He was spayed yesterday too.He only peed once this morning.I took him alot out today and he wont pee he just looked at me.Yesterday on the way home he had a accident and pooped.Today he didn't poop all day.He was abused by his previous owner also.

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    You say spayed, but then you refer to the dog as a he. Is it a female or a male? Males get neutered, females get spayed.

    We'll guess male. He was given painkillers at the time of his surgery and may still be on them. Painkillers can interfere with the dersire or urge to urinate or defecate - sometimes the dog literally can't tell they have to go. He also had food and water withheld for 8+ hours before the surgery, meaning there isn't any production of waste.

    He's also been put through a traumatic event. He's been dumped (at least once), spent time in a terrifying shelter, cut open, and sent home with a new stranger. He's probably scared and confused. Dogs in this kind of situation often hold their waste so that they aren't notifying the world that they are there - no calling cards. A dog that's not going for this reason should start to get on a more normal pattern as he settles in.

    This dog should be at the vet's office within 48 hours of arriving home. Tell the vet about the issues and he will tell you when to be concerned. You are doing the right thing by regularly bringing him out and giving him the chance to go.

  • kps
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    7 years ago

    I think the spay or neuter may have something to do with it. It may be a little painful right now due to the recent operation. Give him or her a little time to recover.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    the dog doesnt pee when you want it to wait for the signs then take it out

    if that fails check on how the dog got abused

  • 7 years ago

    He may not need to go, but he may be nervous, when goes to the bathroom, say good boy, maybe give him a treat.

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