Do my dreams mean something?! read alll?

A couple days ago i had a dream

The world like shrunk and began small so you could see the earth curve but before that happened the president let all the people in line for the ferris wheel take the last ride... it ended up rolling around earth it finally colapsed and it made a boom sound and the earth like smashed and became small.. and my dad died

But during the dream... this guy i used to like wad there and he liked another girl and i beat her up and stuff...

And the dream i had last night we were in the hone depot parking lot and i was in my dads car and i was opening the lije glove compartment and i pulled so many things out of it like a.snow globe and paint and stuff and i painted a tornado in the clouds it was blue and green.. and when my dad got back to the car the tornado like out of the top of it a ton of smoke started bursting out and a fire began and sparks and stuff went every where and my dad ran across the street to subway where my sister works and i tried but there were to msny cars coming so i ended up just being alone.. so i ran home and my dad and sisters where there (brianna and heather) and all i remember is running down the stairs from my room screaming

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    Maybe you are feeling small and insignificant and invisible right now. Tornadoes represent bad things happening that are outside of our control.

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