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Single parent in desperate need of financial advice?

I was currently fired from a job that I held for 10 years. I'm currently on unemployment even though I have tried and tried to find a new job I seem to be overqualified for everything i apply for. I'm now in south Georgia and I'm in desperate need of help with school clothes school supplies and rent... basically everything I need to live. I have even tried working for temp services who took all the money out of my check and left me with about 40 percent of what i earned. I have tried contacting churches, the school board, and DOCS to ask for help but no one could help me. Does anyone know of any place that could help me?

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    Sounds like you need help with your resume and/or interview skills. See what is on-line, or visit your workforce office. A resume needs to show that you are a good match to that position. If it is a lower level job, then you need to "dumb down" the resume so they don't see how over qualified you are.

    As to clothes, there are some really good finds in second hand stores. I bought my son's clothes there at one time. Have you applied for food stamps? Some people on unemployment also qualify for them.

    good luck!

    Source(s): I do job placement for a living.
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    I live in Washington and we have a state off office called dshs which gives you food stamps and help . So look into that they will help you for sure Iam not sure if its the same In your state but good luck .

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