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I'm boy-crazy, what can I say?

Oooh myyy you have anyyy idea how much I love men!?!? I LOOOVE love love LOVE men sooo much. Their bodies are like works of art sculpted from gods with all those rock hard curves and juicy abs. I LOVE aaalll types of sexy tall men...ESPECIALLY men with abs, mmm, with those delicious baked biscuits stacked up on eachother like a bread, hell, I just wanna lick it all over. Damn, every time I see a picture of a male model with his shirt off, I get a rush of magic. I'll admit it, I get on Google and look at pictures of men all the time. Can God have made Adam any more fukkin hot!?!? PRAISE THE LORD! Amen!

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    Sounds like you should have asked this in the FOOD section - it's certainly NOT a MEN'S HEALTH question !

  • 7 years ago

    that wasn't really a question

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