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Will I ever get a good girl?

Okay so my ex cheated on me with 5 different men while we were together, then broke up with me. It's been 3 weeks and we've gone our seperate ways, i've blocked her on everything but i have dropped to a state of depression fueled by my trust and confidence level being so low. I don't miss her at all im glad she is gone but my heart won't let me love without her, i've always been introverted and have only ever been in long distance relationships all have cheated on me except one but Im so scared of being rejected and hurt by a real girl. At least in long distance relationships they fall for my personality i mean im a pretty ugly guy and a geek. Here's me pretty ugly right? Anyhow I just can't love without her. Will I ever meet a good girl? I want to meet my Ada Wong someday (gamers who play resident evil will get that)

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    yes! you will meet a girl who will be great! but is it possible that you try to tone up? do some cardio and hit the gym and get that body toned up!

    no offence but you look so easy to walk over! cut a few pounds! you look so chubby and kind! it looks like no matter what she does you wont do anything anyway! and she is sure that you might not get someone better than her!

    for now, please forget about dating for like 6months and work on yourself! make your x feel like she was stupid to let you go! i mean, love yourself before you go out looking for some girl to love you! you love yourself by looking the best you could ever look!

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