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My body is following apart please answer me?

Hi all,

I am 21. for the past 5 years i have been struggling with chronic constipation. This past year my doctor (Finallly) ran a blood test. I have lots of thyroid antibodies.... Thyroid peroxidase antibody test came back with a result of 275. Normal range is up to 35.

He ran an ultra sound on my stomach and found out i have multiple cysts and weak ovulation. He also said that i have parasites in my stomach.

I have been struggling as to what to eat, what to do. My period is irregular. I have a fat belly although the rest of my body looks fine. I just want to get to the root of all the symptoms i am having and be the normal me.

Any one knows what i should do? natural ways? or what might be causing all of this? my spirit is really down and I am just tired!

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    Do what your doctor suggests. Natural remedies won't get rid of the parasites and only medication can fix your thyroid if it is now under active because of the antibodies.

    With thyroid medication and parasites fixed, you'll feel much better - give it 2 months.

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    Parasite is a living organism that lives in an animal, a plant even a human being. It takes nutrients from the host and causing nothing but problems to the host. Parasite cleansing is very beneficial practice in controlling our health issues. To this a person needs to consume spicy foods like raw garlic, ginger, hot pepper, turmeric etc. These spicy foods are creating warmth environment within the body, parasites cannot live in warmth rather than they preferred cold environment by the result they forced to leave the body. It is also recommended to go for colon cleanse before parasite cleanse and also colon cleanse is worthy in weight loss. By colon cleansing and parasite cleansing your body can absorb nutrients from your diets, I hope this action definitely helpful to get recover.

    Good Luck.

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    Clean out our body. Like go on a cleansing diet for a month or so. see if that helps or not.

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