Why is NCIS so popular?

The plots are boring, slow, and predicable. The acting is awful and they aren't good looking enough to even have sex appeal to fall back on.

All I see is crap. What am I missing?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The Characters

    Obviously every TV show has characters, but I believe that NCIS has such a fantastic set of fictional characters that we just fall in love with that we can't draw away from them. I know that even after watching 8 seasons of NCIS I'm still in love with the cast and crew of this show. The way the characters interact and get along (or don't, in some cases) really draws the audience into this world. That's what is most imporant for a director is to draw the watcher into this fictional world and in essence making them a part of it. The characters all have unique personalities such as Abby and Gibbs, but they all offer something different that as a collective whole make the show fantastic. I can't think of a better personality for autopsy than Ducky, a better tough leader personality than Gibbs, a hilarious and fun personality of DiNozzo. The characters make this show great and that's why the fanbase is so loyal.

    The storyline

    The director of NCIS does a great job in continuing to build a great storyline with the characters and the show. Many would think that after so many seasons and episodes of investigating deaths and criminal activity of marines that the audience would get bored and move onto another show. However the way the director sets up these episodes there are always elements that draw in the watchers attention and keeps them engaged. That's why the audience and fan base is so large and so loyal because they know the quality of this show preceeds itself and when they look for a show to watch, they know they can always turn to NCIS and not be disappointed.

    Character Development

    This is interesting because every show has character development, so why would this be mentioned? The reason is because we are always discovering new things about our beloved NCIS team and different storylines bring out attributes, strengths, and flaws in them that keep us engaged and want to watch and learn more. When I was watching Season 4 and seeing how DiNozzo had a girlfriend but he was hesistating and I was curious why. But at the end of season 4 I suddenly realized what was going on and I felt drawn into watching Season 5 to find out what happened next. We don't just want good characters and cast, we want them to develop and we grow with them and find ourselves involved in their personalities and lives.

    Drawing from the audience

    This one is interesting because this show draws on the demographics of the audience and plays according to that. I know from past research that most of the audience of NCIS is older (55+ years old) and thus the characters and the storyline really play well for their bulk audience. The characters are funny and prominent but conservative. There's also that strong younger audience such as myself so there's humor and powerful storyline to keep us engaged. So the creators of NCIS watch the demographics and who's watching and create content that is stimulating for a younger audience and fulfilling to an older audience. Since NCIS is capable of catering to this wide range of people that is what contributes to it's success.

    Behind the scenes and actor exposure

    This one is really big for me but probably not as big for everyone else. Still I felt it deserved a spot in the top 5 because it does lead to a lot of success for the show. We love to watch the characters of NCIS do their thing, but there's a desire to know more about behind the scenes actions and learn about the actors themselves. NCIS has promoted a lot of things such as live tweet sessions with Sean Murray or video chat with live questions with Pauley Perrette! We also see these actors and actresses appearing on many television shows and getting to know them better. I had no idea that Cote De Pablo was a very modest woman who doesn't like to fight. I would never have guessed after watching the show! This really pulls me in because the live tweeting and media things the actors do make me want to follow them and I do. I think a lot of other people who are NCIS fanatics also take part in this and it makes us want to watch that next episode even more. With fresh episodes coming all the time and more characters and development happening, I believe these are 5 reasons why NCIS is still around after 10 years and still ranking in the top 3 best shows of the year spot.



  • 7 years ago

    Well, I'm sorry if you don't like it. Everybody has different tastes. But there are a lot of reasons people watch it. The number one reason would probably have to be the sexual tension between Tony and Ziva. Number two would have to be Mark Harmon. (Who doesn't like him?) Third would have to be Abby. (The happiest goth you'll ever meet). And the last would have to be McGee. He could hack into the pentagon with out getting caught. But the ones watching for the Tiva, (Tony and Ziva pairing) Will probably stop, as the actress who plays Ziva, will be leaving this season. Hope that helped.

  • DDI#25
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    7 years ago

    You are missing all your reality shows Ziva was the best looking and Gibbs Is what makes the show strong actor been around for years even had a part on Adam 12

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  • Chloe
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    7 years ago

    the plot may be simple, but the understory of the characters makes the show so popular.

    the chemistry between the team makes it one of the most watched shows on tv

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  • 7 years ago

    It's mindless entertainment which is all you need when you are eating your fast food dinner, plus it's kid friendly

    Nobody wants to see something that makes you think. Think of shows like Rubicon or Awake... shows like that makes the average Americans brain hemorrhage, which is why they got cancelled.

  • Kathy
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    7 years ago

    I like it because it has great characters, and good storyline in every episode.

  • 7 years ago

    Obviously you have not watched even one episode.

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