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How do I face my sister?

so im completely creeped out. on june 25, my sister did it with her boyfriend. my proof, she was complaining the day after that her legs hurt, i saw her texts with her bf and he asked if his condom slipped off, and I even saw her yahoo questions if she was pregnant. ik i invaded her space but she read all my texts with every single person. she always calls me a bitchy, weak, cutting, fat slut so yea. and once i was on her laptop and she said i was fake and she hated me. ive been ignoring her since then. but now im really fed up. how do i tell her?

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    It's none of your business, don't say anything about it. Just stay off her phone and laptop and keep yours away from her. If she's the type to say that type of thing chances are she won't care much if you say something rude to her anyway and it's very likely you'll just make her behavior towards you worse when she finds out you've been sneaking in her things (even though she did it to you).

    This sort of problem just keeps going around and around in circles when you do things like that, you're mad at her because she did something nasty so you do something nasty then she'll get even nastier and on and on forever. Just ignore her.

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    Be open, honest, and respect her decisions. Let her know exactly how you feel in the most effective and appropriate way. Stay away from making the conversation about her, only about you.

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    Agree with above: leave her alone...I doubt she's that terrible. Don't exaggerate.

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