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Can I get learners permit in California if I'm under 15 1/2 but already had one in another state?

Basically the the subject covers it all. I'm moving to California and I already have a learner's permit, but my birthday was only a month ago. So I was wondering can I still get a learner's permit in California, even though I'm younger than what they require, but already have one from another state. Thanks

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    One of the first things to do as a new resident is to locate the nearest DMV office. In some states, you can make an appointment online, so see if your new state offers this service.

    Keep in mind, that depending on the state and/or your situation, you may be required to retake the written test.

    If you completed drivers ed, be prepared to provide proof. Depending on the policies of your new state, you may be asked to retake a drivers education class . This is because different states have different driving education requirements that may not correlate with your former state. Check with your local DMV office for exact specifics.

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    Nope. Learners Permits are ONLY valid in the state that issues it. They are NOT reciprocal like a full license. When you move to California you'll have to start all over again under California rules. That means the VERY first thing you MUST do is take a California approved Drivers Ed class.

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