What is your favourite number?

I dislike the number 3, but now for some reason I'm beginning to dislike number 12...I like number 7 and 8...how about you guys??? I'm trying to dislike number 12...you guys don't know what I mean though...*sigh*...

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  • Adam
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    7 years ago
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    I love 12 but for personal reasons. I feel I dislike numbers that seem weird to me. Like 17 or 3 they seem off. But it's really not a topic to worry yourself on. It's not you that doesn't like them it's that your brain finds some sort of negative connection with that number that you don't completely understand.

  • 7 years ago

    I like the numbers 6 and 13 (yeah I like "unlucky" numbers. Suck it up. That's the way I am) and 7. Because by birthday's 7/13, and I turned 13 on 7/13/13. :) THis year. I absolutely LOVE the numbers ten and one (just cuz they're easy in math. I don't really like 17 for some reason...

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