Comic Con 2014 Badges?

Hey, I'm completely new at this. A group of friend and I want to go to Comic Con 2014 (San Diego), but I've heard horror stories of getting badges... we want to go 4 days, too.

Haha, please help the poor newbie?


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    Hello, SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) badges are very hard to obtain. Every year something goes wrong with the registration process. So be prepared for that because it is upsetting when these flaws happen to you. Here is the breakdown of badges:

    4 day with Preview Night- this sales out first. Last year, these badges sold out in about 30 minutes (according to SDCC twitter)

    4 day without Preview Night- according to to SDCC twitter, these badges sold out 3 mintutes later

    Saturday- these badges sell out next

    Friday-sells out usually 10 min later after Sat. badges

    Then Thursday and Sunday badges are always last because they are considered the "boring" days. I disagree with that but they are not as exciting as Fri. or Sat.

    Make sure that you check San Diego Comic Con's official website, twitter and SDCC blogs for when badge sales will happen. DO NOT BUY A BADGE FROM EBAY, CRAIGSLIST OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. They are most likely fakes and if you get caught with someone else's badge, you will get kicked out. If you are between the ages of 13-17 your badges are $20 dollars cheaper than adults. Children 12 and younger get in free with a paying adult.

    2012 badge sales occured on March 3rd

    2013 badge sales occured on Feb. 16

    So it is a wild guess on when badge sales will occur, most likely in early 2014 or late 2013.

    Even if you do not get in, there are a ton of fun things to do outside of Comic Con, or you can try your hand at Wondercon. These badges do not sell out as fast( you can actually walk up to the door and buy the badges) and it is considered the "smaller San Diego Comic Con."

    Good luck with badge sales, I will be trying to get tickets as well. :D

    Source(s): I went to SDCC '12 and got a badge for SDCC '13 but could not attend.
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    San Diego Comic Con Badges

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    Well, since you didn't attend 2013, you will be able to purchase badges about 1 or 2 months before the actual event. It is true, badges sell out in less then 2 hours each year, so make sure to stay alert. Also, you must make a member ID in order to purchase any badges. For 2014, a 4 day pass will cost around $150, and about $180 with preview night.

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    New badges usually go one sale some time on November, but you would need to check the web site daily, as if you miss the opening volley, you are not going. And since they had 130,000 attendees, it is a very popular venue.

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