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tell me... what does not paying for women on a date have to do with hating women?

today i was talking to my friend. i was asking her if its safe to assume that if a girl doesnt see me again cuz i didnt pay for her then its safe to assume that you dont want the girl anyway. then she brings up the fact that she thinks i hate women. however she does not answer when i ask what that has to do with it. so... if i dont pay for a woman on a date what does that have to do with hating women?

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    It might have had something to do with the way you were describing the date to her or the way you were talking about the girl. You may have been speaking in an insensitive manner. I don't think not paying for a date has anything to do with hating women. Personally, I'd rather pay for myself.

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    It's hard for me to guess what she means. I think she is trying to say that you seem to be linking attraction with being willing to shell out cash on a date, which she might be equating with paying for sex. However, that is a pretty simplistic and convoluted explanation.

    As you said, it was not really a "date" in your mind, since you did not pay for the girl. I would guess you are therefore fine with not going out a second time, since you were not actually out together the first time.

    On the other hand, only you know if you are just trying to make yourself feel better about the girl refusing to see you again.

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    what your friend is speaking on is that when a gentlemen takes a woman out on a date it is by right that u ay for her. now weather u disagree or not this is what men were taught back in earlier times . now if u don't pay and I am just putting it out there then women will judge u right off and put u in a certain category and a lot of women are not so forgiving. now if u don't have it to spare then u should tell them that in the door. and if u do all women like that then I would say hat u don't have any respect for women period.

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    I don't think it means you "hate" women. Your friend may have chosen the wrong words. Women like to be cherished and treated like ladies. We want a guy to take us out and wine and dine us; a little romance. If you make your date pay for herself, it screams that you are not into her. Does it mean you hate women? Nah. It just means you are clueless about what we like and what makes us feel special and wanted. If you ask a girl out on a date, she will expect that it's a date (aka you pick up the tab); unless you have already specified "hey! Wanna go out, Dutch treat? Just as friends?" Otherwise, you need to pay or you will actually have women hating you! Best wishes!

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    It's flattering to us females if a guy offers to pay for dinner or whatever, makes us feel special, but the girl shouldn't just assume that's going to happen. I would always offer to pay my share anyway because I think that's fair but if she thinks it means you hate women that's her problem.

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    Lol! I think ur friend is going through some serious relationship issues!

    I guess she hates men herself.

    This has nothing to do with hating women, if u'd hate, why would u have her as a friend!

    This is lame. Dont listen to her.

    Youre fine! ;)


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