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My crushes relationship is weird?

me and my crush have known each other for ever bc our parents are best friends. he lives an hour away in boston but has a summer house in my town so our families always hang out in the summer. last summer he tried to get me to hook up but i got uncomfortable and angry and stormed out. he hasnt talked to me since. and it was A YEAR AGO. last weekend they came over and he said hi to me in a friendly tone which was nice. i really like him and his birthday is tomorrow. we are goujg to his house on sunday and i want to give him a birthday *******. and im not trying to be a slut bc i literally like him a lot and he likes me but its just awkward bc of last year that we never talk. so i also want to fix our friendship. what do i do?

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    I get where you're coming from. I'm guessing you feel bad about blowing him off last year and now you regret that so you want to make it up by giving him what he wanted to last year. I feel like it's a bad idea though. You don't owe him anything, especially a *******. That's degrading to you and you havd every right to decide whether you are ready or not to hook up with someone. I doubt he was mad about it anyway. He probably felt awkward and bad about it so he felt uncomfortable texting you. I would just take things slow and hang out with him a lot. I'm not saying you shouldn't give him a bj, I'm just saying that you shouldn't do it because you feel like it will make your relationship better or less awkward(if you are awkward around him that's even more of a reason not to; you should be completely comfortable around someone you want to be intimate with). Just make sure that if you do get intimate with him it's because of no other reason than just because you really like him and want to go to that next step with him.

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