Milk made foam explosion when taken off heat, why and how can I avoid it in future?

I got a kettle the other day and have been experimenting with it ever since, little did I know I was in for baking-soda-volcano results today.

I combined lactose free milk and water in the kettle and heated it over a gas stove on medium-low heat. I stirred the milk and watched it like a good little cook... I didn't let it boil or burn because I know that makes it curdle, so on and so forth. I added Hersheys cocoa mix to make hot chocolate.

When I thought it was getting too hot I turned off the heat and the milk reacted violently by foaming over the top of the kettle and creating a huge mess. My question for you chickadees is how in the world did that happen and how can I never do it again?

Thanks in advance!


That's the weird thing, I never abandoned the kettle nor did it ever boil.

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    7 years ago
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    Heating milk should be done at a medium stirring from time to time and don't let it come to the boil, just gently simmer

    Always lift food off the heat if it looks like it is going to boil over.


    Learn from this.

    If that had been oil if you had added anything that would have also bubbled over and you kitchen would have been on fire

    Pay attention when cooking 100% of the time and never go away to do something else like the computer or telephone


  • Leo D
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    7 years ago

    On medium, unstirred, milk will get a fat layer at the top. Remove with fingers, immediately take pan off heat. Stir in chocolate.

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