How do I become a tumblr girl?

So I went on instagram and I see all these girls have these perfect pictures... and I know they use a Nikon or Canon camera... But i don't have the money for that and I was wondering if you are able to with a 8mp camera on your smart phone... so far I've taken two good quality pictures for my instagram that look tumblr girl-ish... Any ideas?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    hair: straight, curly,

    clothes: edgy, comfortable{sweaters, seeatpants}, maybe a little girly

    photo: nikon, canon, sony, but since you said you don't have the money for that, iphone or iPod touch but make sure if you use an iPhone or iPod you have GOOD LIGHTING!!

    editing: afterlight {0.99} symbol gram{free} pixlromatic{free} superimpose{0.99} -you don't need to get them but suggestions

    makeup: bb cream for blemishes|mosturizer, mascara, eyeliner on top { a little bit }

    if you're taking pictures in your room have like posters or Christmas lights in the back. :-) hope I helped'

  • 4 years ago

    "Tumblr females" are pretend. they are actually not actual "Tumblr females" so for you to at the beginning no longer call them that. only take a great number of photos and positioned up them someplace, i think. I dunno.

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