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Why does my friend keep his pregnant do outside?

she looks tired all the time and he keeps her outside all the time i think she can pass out like that any advice what i should tell my friend to do he said he would take my advice


im 16 :)

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    A pregnant pup defiantly needs to be inside, or somewhere cool and comfortable with plenty of food and water. Just like a pregnant human! Same things apply :)

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    If she still lives with her parents maybe her parents don't like the dog inside : biting , shedding , not potty trained etc. Does the dog have shelter w/ comfort , cold water or food? If yes then don't worry that much as long as she takes her dog inside when there is bad weather and that she is taking the dog to vet. If she lives alone and the dog is in bad shape with no water , no food and no shelter from sun then try to convince her into letting the dog be inside a simple , "The puppies could die" should make her think. Who would want to harm unborn things?

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    Keeping her anywhere inside would be much better for her. My dogs used to have surprise pregnancies every once in a while and we would make a small bed for her in the laundry room or the bedroom (somewhere private) and give her space. It's much easier, healthy, and less stressful for the dogs.

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    becouse your friend is a BYBers who doenst care at all about the dog and only cares about the money they may make off the ill bred puppies and wont take any of them to the vet since they don't care

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  • I'm guessing that you are a child and so is your friend. In which case, it's likely because he has irresponsible a - hole parents.

    Why don't you ask your friend?

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