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Would US support Japan if Japan tries to wage a war with China?

I think so. <Because US hates China politically> and USA and Japan are allies.

Even though Japan was really cruel during WW2, USA have already forgotten about it.

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    Japan would not wage war with China for any means. They wouldn't be able to land in China, and if they did would be overrun in days, or even shorter.

    The US would not risk losing either Ally in the case of this, and would continue life as normal. Trading with both Nations, until the interest of the US becomes more relavent.

    China's population beats Japan at around 13-1. Japan being a population of around 100,000,000 people, and China being of 1.3 billion. They have no chance in mainland war against China, unless they were in defensive mode.

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    Splendid question.

    Japan would only wage a defensive war, but even that will not happen. States don't really wage war against states any more; only trade wars.

    It interests me though, because so many Chinese seem to believe Japan *could* invade. I worked most of the last 12 months in China (in a remoteish area), and students would ask me about it..."could Japan invade again?" and silly questions like this. They believe their governmnent's propaganda about how weak China is and how they cannot be invaded again, yadda, yadda, yadda.

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    In a scenario where Japan actually started the war, no. But I think if China started the war with Japan US would definitely back Japan up for sure. Japan is our ally now and what happened in the past does not really matter now politically and militarily. Hope this helped.

    Source(s): I learned what I just said in my high school Current Issues class last year.
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    I'm hesitant about commenting because all the other correct answers got down-voted, but here goes.

    At the very least, the US would be inclined to embargo China and offer indirect military assistance, such as sending Americans to fight pretending to be Japanese soldiers.

    The idea behind the question is weak though. Japan would not declare war on China because they simply would not win on their own.Things are different from WW2. China has industrialized and become fully developed, and though Japan has as well, China had way, way more potential soldiers and nuclear weapons.

    So, to answer your question, the US would support Japan, but most likely not directly, and Japan would not declare war on China in the first place.

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    No. It's all economics. The USA need China as China buys USA grain. The economic effects would prevent USA helping Japan

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    No what you're saying makes no sense. The US wouldn't start world war 3 just because Japan decides to attack China

    Source(s): common sense
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    No. He would have to be batsh!t insane and suicidal and want to destroy America. What am I saying, that's 50% possible depend on what freakshow candidate the Republicans run in 2016.

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