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How can I make my website better for free?

I have a drawing website called and I want more people to see it. And, I can't get a domain because I don't have that kind of money.

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    the only way is that you have to share your website through social media site..

    or else advertising your site by means of other can cost u $$

    Domains [.com .org . net .. ... etc ] are main domains that actually not free

    so if your getting a domain name [thats a sub domain] from your host

    anyway i just browsed your website.. i suggest u should add video's to it, if you want to have more of those tutorials. and make sure u dnt have to draw in a piece of paper . try using one of this and use screen recorder for accurate tutorials with mic. GL ^_^

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    Try to promote yourself through Facebook - Have your friends re-post it. Also, consider putting ads on your website. You can make money off of those when you start to get enough visitors.

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    7 years ago

    You could use an online website builder like , they have a ton of features to enhance your site.

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