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Japan College Help? Japanese people?

Sorry guys, but I'm pretty sure only Japanese people or people who live in Japan would understand Japan's college system. But anyways. I live in California, USA. I want to go to college in Japan straight from highschool in California, if that's possible. I want to be an elementary teacher in Japan, but I don't know how to apply or anything. Do I have to go to one college and then go to graduate school for my major? Orrr..?? And I speak Japanese at home with my mom, and go to Japanese school too so it's not bad. Can you guys tell me how this college system works and how I can get my masters or whatever degree in Japan to become an elementary school teacher??


I forgot to mention, i am half japanese and i was born there. I would like to live in japan after highschool! :)

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    To get an elementary school teacher license, you have to major education or human science or whatever (different by college).

    This page has a PDF file list of college and major you need to get an elementary school teacher license.


    But I have not heard of a foreign elementary school teacher in Japan (not English assistant.)

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    You'd need a degree in education, I guess. So, that will only be in Japanese. Can you read, write, listen and speak at High School graduate levels? If so, great. If not, maybe a year in language school would help a lot.

    I guess you have Japanese nationality? If you do, it'll make life much easier. I'm not completely sure whether non-citizens can be employed as permanent teachers. Maybe best to search for that in Japanese.

    My feeling is that you'd take the *kikokushijyo* exam for returnee students. If you can pass that, then I think you can enter a university education program. After 4 years you should graduate. Then, I think there are some exams to take, and of course applying for a job to an education board.

    Elementary schools are closing, rather than opening, so it may be a difficult environment to get a job.

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    Undergraduate=You get your bachelor degree. This is 4 years for most teaching majors.

    Graduate=You get your Master's degree. You need to get your bachelor degree before pursuing a master's. This is an additional 2 years in most cases, and is not required for elementary school teachers, but does help you in terms of being a better candidate in terms of competitions (there are many foreigners who want teaching jobs).

    With that said, as far as I know, the college system in Japan is not that different from America.

    You apply and you see if you are accepted or not.

    The difference mainly lies in the requirements of application, and that can differ from school to school, and is also different for international people like yourself.

    First you will have to find the schools in Japan that takes international applicants and has the teaching major or the subject you want to teach.

    I think that is your first step. Then you can check on their website for specific requirements.

    If your parents are Japanese, then you should ask them as well about the system.

    Here's one website that explains some things about teaching in Japan:


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