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What pregnancy sign should i look for?

From women who've been pregnant, what are pregnancy signs I should look for other then obvious symptoms most women get what are some unusual signs they don't write about. Thank you

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    When I was pregnant the first thing I noticed was that I would get like REALLLY mad about stuff. Like 10x the angry I would normally have ( even over stupid things you shouldn't be mad about ) and I started crying because I had no one to go to the fair with me . So you sometimes you feel REALLY emotional. Also I noticed my nipples would get tingly & the little bumps on the colored part of your nipples start to stick out ( as if the baby's going to nurse on your boob ) and I also get gas & diahriah -.- it's horrible . Oh and I NEVER wanted my boyfriend to touch me / hug me / kiss me , I ALWAYS felt uncomfortable .

    Source(s): Been pregnant twice & had two early miscarriages
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    7 years ago

    Headaches. Gasey. constipation

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