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I miss him but I ended things?

I broke up with my bf of over a year over something dumb.. I was angry and frustrated cuz he kept doing things he said he wouldn't.. Like talking to girls that tried to have sex with him etc but I over reacted and made it too big of a deal. He messaged me 2 weeks later saying he wanted to talk. We talked about getting back together but he doesn't want to, he misses me but he said he doesn't want a relationship right now because he's scared I'll break up with him or something again which is understandable. But he's flirting with other girls now and he said he wants to still talk to me and act like we're In a relationship but not really be in one... But that he doesn't want me to move on but he doesn't want to be with me. I really miss him and I know the break up is my fault but he doesn't wanna be together... What do I do?

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    Get over him, your giving him a chance hes not taking it he doesnt want you to move on yet he wants to flirt with other girls hahah what a joke, just give him the ultimatum, that either you work something out or your moving on.

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    No matter what is going on here you just need to get over him.It didnt work for you and him.You should move on and start again in a new relationship.Whatever mistakes you and him made you just learn from it and move on.I dint think he was settled in the relationship.I think he lacked devotion.You were within your right to end it.I think it was a sensible move.

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