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Can I still keep the length of my hair long if I thin it out?

How does thinning out your hair actually work? (I'm not planning on doing it myself) I like my long hair but it's super thick and I want it thinned out. Would thinning it out make my hair shorter by much?

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    It doesn't make it shorter at all! Basically they use these special scissors that cut into the bulky parts of your hair and it just takes out those pieces.

    Whatever you do, do NOT let the hair stylist use a razor on your hair. Been there done that. Worst thing ever because if your hair is thick, it will make it super frizzy (my hair is already curly, frizzy and thick). Using a razor is another method that not all stylists know how to use; it only works on people with thin, fine hair, because the frizz gives them volume.

    Also, don't get your hair thinned out every time you go for a haircut, you should do it every other time.

    Thinning your hair does get rid of the bulk which I really like because it makes it easier to style my hair. And it doesn't in any way make it shorter!

    Source(s): I've had every style in the book!
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    You can have it thinned and it won't take much off your length at all. You can have it layered and that will thin it and it would still be long.

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