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18 year old girl alone in CDG at night?

I'm 18 and i'll be arriving at Charles De Gualle early in the morning like 1AM-3AM... I'm scared it won't be safe. I have to wait for my flight to the middle east though?

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    There is really no need to be scared. The airport is busy 24/24. Even at that time there are plenty of people about including security staff and airport personnel, cleaners and people who work there in various outlets, and other people who are transferring from one terminal to another or waiting for their flight to be called. There is absolutely no history of women passengers being molested or pestered. Everyone is too preoccupied with their personal travel arrangements and there even are people who nod off happily whilst waiting between flights.

    Have a good trip, relax, and don't worry.

  • 7 years ago

    Like Wise Owl said, there is no risk while you stay at the airport. The risk are more while getting from the airport into town. Presumably, you are arriving ? Or will you be connecting with another flight ?

    Assuming that you arrive in order to say in Paris, I would advise that you stay at the airport until ground transportation becomes more generally available, say 6 AM. At that point it will be fine to take the RER, Air France buses or a taxi into central Paris.

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