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Cockatoo vs Guinea Pig?

I was thinking of getting a guinea pig, but I played with a cockatoo, and it was fun. Please tell me which you think is best.

I am also open to other pets, but no fish, snakes, ferrets, or any shedding animal.

I am middle school age.

Please tell me why. Thank you.


Sorry, when I said "cockatoo", I meant "cockatiel".

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    7 years ago
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    I've never had a guinea pig but I have a cockatoo, they scream very very loud, sometimes they like to scream first thing in the morning and wake up the whole household and cause the neighbours to complain.

    They are also very destructive, if you let them out they will rip up anything they can get their big beak around.

    Plus they live for a looong time, so you will have to put up with the damn thing still even when you are old and grey.

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