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Would you call child protection?

My sis was always and loyal involved single mom. Never did anything for herself. Not even new clothes or haircuts . All for her kid.Now her son is 17 and hes never home. He goes to school and works but practically lives w his friend. Still close w us and his mom, but living like hes on his own already. Should she make him spend time at home just to spend time at home? Hes still a minor.

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    You can't call CPS for something like that.. They will laugh at you.. Once you turn 17 that is the LEGAL age to move out of your parents house and not be called in as a runaway.. He's doig right by going to school and working! There's nothing wrong with a 17 year old not wanting to be at home with mommy everyday.. This IS normal behavior

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    Obviously you have trouble accepting he's growing up. If you call cps he will be mad at you and there is no evidence he is in danger.

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    No he is almost an adult and he is getting a head start

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    No, not if there doesn't seem to be any physical danger. He's nearly an adult.

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