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Do you skip period after masturbating??!?

I do it practically everyday..and everytime I do it I oragasm. I'm 13 and haven't had my period ever since school (which was like 2 and a half months ago) . I'm really worried and is it unhealthy that I'm "blocking" my period! Please help! NO H8 please! Thank you so much.

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  • Kasha
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    No, masturbation doesn't effect development or menstruation.

    Remember that most people masturbate on a regular basis, we females are capable of reaching orgasm from just 18 months old so many of us start to masturbate long before we enter puberty - if masturbation could effect development or menstruation none of us would ever menstruate!

    It's normal for your periods to be irregular at first - you only menstruate when you ovulate, and you only ovulate when physically healthy and mature enough to do so - while you're young you may not be physically mature enough to ovulate on a regular basis and thus irregular cycles are normal, also consider that your body is still developing physically and sexually which effects hormones too. There's nothing about masturbation that could effect your menstrual cycles or stop your periods.

    Masturbation is 100% healthy.

    It is pleasurable and relaxing so can help with problems like sleeping problems, headaches, depression, anxiety, etc. and can also help ease menstrual cramps too. Masturbation helps you learn about your body, sexuality, and sexual response so you can better care for your sexual health long-term and ensure safer pleasurable sex when you're older. Masturbation also means you're getting your sexual needs met so less likely to engage in high-risk activity like under-age sex.

    Is Masturbation Okay? (Yep) -


    Masturbation cannot cause ovarian cysts.

    Masturbating every day is perfectly okay.

  • Julie
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    You can't block your period by masturbating! Only certain medications and some herbs could do that. At your age your period will not be regular anyway don't worry it will all level out within a year or two.

    Oh and to the person who said you may have given yourself an ovarian cyst - take no notice you cannot give yourself a cyst. Cysts (ovarian or otherwise) form on their own you cannot cause one to form and you cannot prevent them either.

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    At 13 you might just be skipping a period. It's doubtful that masturbating is the cause of you missing your period. Masturbating is not unhealthy, but everyday is a bit much.

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    No, masturbating does not block your period. Sometimes in the first couple years after starting your period you will have some irregularity. Not to worry.

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  • 7 years ago

    I'm 13 and masturbate when ever I can. And I don't a skip periods. Your young and you body is still getting use to having periods, so they won't always be regular until your fully developed. Hope this helped. ☺☆♡

  • 7 years ago

    No :'D It's normal for you to have blocks in period because your young.

  • 7 years ago

    It could be you may have given yourself an ovarion cyst?

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