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I want to work with endangered animals?

I would really LOVE to work with endangered animals when I'm older. I want to know any suggested colleges to go to, what classes to take, and how I could actually become a wildlife biologist. All anyone ever says is go to college and study but how do I actually get a job? Who do I contact and what not. And any tips you have would be helpful too! I'm only 15 but I'm planning for my future(:

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    People are telling you to go to college because the is the FIRST step in having this career. I suggest you major in zoology, biology, wildlife biology, wildlife management or similar. Start looking at university websites to see what majors they offer and look at the actual course requirements for each major to decide which best suits your interests and needs. You need to get a minimum of a Bachelors degree but will have better luck at finding a job with a higher degree. Don't forget, experience counts almost as much as the degree. You need to start volunteering and doing internships (check with your local Fish and Game, Fish and Wildlife, Resource Conservation District, etc.) for opportunities. Once you get a degree you will be qualified to do seasonal jobs which will not only allow you to build up your resume, but will offer you the opportunity to travel as well. Check out these sites like these for jobs:

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    Check local shelters for helping animals too!

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