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What does my ex's behavior mean?

So my ex girlfriend and I were blissfully happy, not a single fight for about 6 months, than the problems began. 7 months into our relationship we broke up, however the next day she called and said she felt terrible and was going through some issues and she wanted to get back together, and I agreed. Than, a week before my birthday she broke up again. She said that she no longer felt any love for me and she didn't wanna be with me anymore, and that I was "too nice" however she said that we could still be friends. I texted her later asking if we could meet to talk again because I had some stuff to tell her that I didn't get the chance to before because I broke down in front of her (not the best idea). And she said no and that I should just text what I felt and she might respond. So I said what i wanted to and she responded and cursed and was very angry (mind you she wasnt angry when we broke up). We both have the same job so we see each other everyday (although we never interact). And I constantly see her looking at me when she thinks I can't see. The big thing I'm confused about is while we dated she never drank and never wanted too. Thank a few days after we break up I heard that she went to a party and got absolutely drunk and went crazy. I dug into it a little more and heard that she was trash talking me (saying that i meant nothing to her and that i'm not "man enough) and started sobbing. I think what she meant by "man enough" is that I was emotional (maybe a little too much so) in front of her, but literally only because she said she wanted a man who could be emotional in front of her. I'm just very confused and just want to know what is happening. I still love her so much and wish I could be mad at her, but in all honestly I just am sad and if anything I'm upset because people are talking bad about her after the party. I just really wanna know what is going on and if I have any chance of either getting back with her (ideal) or being her friend. Thanks SO much and sorry for such a long message.


But the thing is, she says that she no longer loves me! why did she cry? GAH!!!!!!!!!

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    She's got issues with herself, her self-esteem, identifying her self-esteem with you; and frankly my friend, she's a nutjob.

    If she can say she loves you and trash-talk you behind your back, then its not going to work out.

    Whatever feelings she has for you are conflicted.

    My advice, leave her alone and find someone who's mentally stable.

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