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What pants can I wear with my jean shirt!?! Please Help!!?

I have a jean button up shirt that I want to wear tommorow but I don't know if it would look wierd to wear a jean shirt with blue jeans! What could I wear with them? I have white, purple, and green pants. Then I have blue shorts with white dots. And then a bunch of normal jean that's are light and dark. I also have a grey and red striped skirt. What could I wear with it that would look good!!??

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    I have a jean shirt and I usually just wear black jeans or leggings with it or ill wear some floral leggings with it . They look good with shorts too idk if you have any ???

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    Jeggings , tights, or skinny jeans look really good with them . Either white , black , or maybe gray ones.

    Hope I helped

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    I think white jeans would look best.

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    7 years ago

    Any of the bottoms you named sound great to me! But if you're going with denim on denim, they should be 2 separate washes. (: Sounds really cute!

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    7 years ago

    Try a pattern or floral denim or colored pantsss

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