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How much can I sell my chickens for?

I hatched 3 different breeds of chickens a month ago and I am wondering how much I can sell them for if I kept them until they're 10-12 weeks old. I have:

Silver Laced Polish

White Crested Black Polish

Tolbunt Polish

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    It depends on quite a few things. Remember, half of them will be cockerels, which fewer people want than hens. You may even have problems giving these away free to good homes, as there are always dozens of surplus cockerels at this time of the year, so this will halve your total profits.

    As you are selling fairly rare and largely ornamental birds, a lot will also depend on their own pedigree, ie how good the parents are, how close the chicks are to the breed standard, in colour, feather and comb type etc, and overall appearance for their particular breed. It will also depend on whether anyone fairly local to you actually wants them, of course, and how widely you can advertise them. Have a look on poultry forums and other outlets and see what the going rate seems to be for your breeds in your area. If they are just pretty and healthy chicks, you may find homes for them, but they would need to be something special and from prize winning stock for you to get a lot of money for them.

    Its not easy to make any money breeding chickens. Most people just do it for fun, and when you add up all the costs of equipment and feed, plus the purchase of your original stock, I wouldn't give up the day job just yet!

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