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Lovebird pair--should i separate?

Hi, I have two young fischer lovebirds. male and female about 6 months old. I bought them two weeks ago and kept them together in one cage. I then separated them but kept them in the same room so i could train them separately.

1. Should I keep them in the same room or do they need to be far away from each other?

2. Sometimes I let them out of their cages at the same time to play together. is that a bad thing to do? I don't want to put them under too much stress by forcing them to separate again and again.

3. they seem to be really afraid of my hands. Do you have any advice on how i can get them more comfortable with me around? I try and talk to them a lot and play music for them but whenever i approach their cages they get scared and hop onto the cage wall.

4. I'm worried that these birds are older than i think they are. Is there any way to tell a general age range besides having a black beak? (my birds don't have black on their beaks)

Thanks so much!

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    you must keep them together. If separated from the partner they can have major health reproductions or could even die.

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    You should absolutely keep them together. Lovebirds choose one mate and believe me, they keep that mate. Separating them will only make them lonely, louder, and a lot messier.

    Source(s): I have ten lovebirds currently, but have been through about 50 (all hatched from my main pair)
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