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How to keep your dog from running off?

My dog likes to chase everything and he thinks its a game or something when he runs off and we try to get him and runs away from us.

Today he did this and almost got eaten my this ginormus dog at our neighbors house.

please help my puppy is my life and i couldnt bear to have him run away or be eaten.


oh yeah and whenever i put him on the leash he crawls around really slow and tries to go in and doesnt go pee or whatever

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    Always keep treats on you and him on the lead until he is fully trained or there is nothing for him to chase around. A dog will come away from anything if it knows its gonna get some grub.

    Source(s): Dog owner and i guess common sense.
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    Leash. Fence. Training.

    The first two are your ONLY options until #3 is completely reliable (this usually takes YEARS and some dogs never get there).

    Build a fence or go to the hardware store to get 25' of light rope and a brass bolt snap.

    Good luck.

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    Duh, simple keep him on a leash, in the house, or fenced in yard. Sounds like your dog needs to be trained to walk properly on a leash or "whatever!"

    I almost forgot to mention you are responsible if your dog gets hit by a car and the driver and/or passengers will sue for damages.

    You are responsible if your dog harasses livestock (the farmer is allowed to shoot to kil your dog) and come after you for replacement value of livestock.

    You are responsible if your dog knocks someone down and/or bites and they will sue.

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    keep it on a leash until it understands that its not allowed to wander off, or just train it to stay close to you.. but never take a dog off its leash unless you can control it without the leash.

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