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What Should i Wear On A First Date To The movies??


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    Remember that guys really don't care how much your outfit cost or what type of hair style you have! So just wear something natural feeling, comfortable and makes you feel confident. :) A cute floral dress with a black cardigan is always cute. Or try a lace skirt, with a nice blouse and some casual flats. Don't go extreme since it's just a first date and it's just to the movies!

    But make sure you are clean and don't go over board with makeup and jewelry. Wearing a B.B cream, a powder and a concealer if needed, with some mascara and a light lip balm is all the makeup you really need. If you want, you could always add a slight bit of eye liner and an eye shadow that is more of a natural color that fits your eyes. But only if you're comfortable with that! For jewelry, go with a nice charm bracelet and a cute necklaces. And make sure you washed with a nice scented body wash and shaved, so your legs feel smooth. Also, don't forget to make sure your hands are smooth and your nails aren't chipped and dirty! :)

    Good luck ^_^

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    I can't really answer that since I don't know your gender. If you are a male like me I can tell you to be very well groomed and have excellent hygiene. Shower and make sure you clean every part of your body. Wear deodorant, comb your hair, brush your teeth, clip your nails, shave or trim your facial hair if you sport the beard or goatee. You can wear cologne (not the cheap Axe body spray because it smells horrible) and if you can't afford cologne I recommend damping your clothing with a dryer sheet. Yes, an actual dryer sheet you put in your clothes dryer. Overall, people put hygiene over style because no one likes a slob!

    As for style, keep it simple and classy. I recommend a button up shirt that is clean and wrinkle free. Perhaps a pair of jeans or chinos with some dress shoes such as loafers, boots, or other casual shoes that are NOT sneakers unless you are a teenager then make sure those sneakers are clean and presentable. Don't wear running shoes or walking shoes. Unless you are Bill Gates or something you have no excuse to wear those things casually. I like to wear a nice button up shirt, with a pair of jeans, loafers, and a sport coat.

    You don't have to wear that if you aren't comfortable with it only wear what you are comfortable with! Your date will be able to tell if you aren't comfortable which will make things awkward. Confidence is key here so it's important you feel great with what you wear.

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    I would go with something casual but still flattering. Since it's to the movies you'll want to find something comfortable. Try a flowy or floral short and add a cardigan with it. Since it's summer you don't want to wear jeans but I'm sure you don't want to wear short shorts either. My favorite thing to wear is white capris with a dark shirt to contrast it. If you wear makeup then wear as little as possible. If they accept your natural look then you know they like you ;) NO LIP GLOSS! Shoes...I'd wear a pair of black flats or even flip flops. Good luck on your date and I hope I helped :D

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    Make the impression that you're pretty chill.

    I'd wear a T-Shirt with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and some sneakers.

    Pay attention to hygiene the most.

    - Wear your hair down and mist it with a nice smelling spray.

    - If you wear make-up, keep it natural.

    - Do a lip scrub, and bring mints and chap stick.

    - Make sure your hands are soft.

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    Maybe you can wear like some jeans? Like skinny jeans and a nice flowy top? That would look nice with flats? That would look really pretty. Or jeans with a really pretty sweater? :)

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    Gurl Reel tak rite now he probs lik u 4 hu u r butt if u worid u shod wer a crop top and lyk skine jens :)

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