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My ipod touch 4th generation got wet?

Well it got dropped in a bucket of whatever, it wasn't much, it only went halfway through & it was wearing a case so most water didn't get it thankfully. Well I went to leave it in the sun for 10 mintues and it worked kinda, The screen had a tint of blue. So after leaving it in the sun, it kept saying temperature too warm wait to cool down, so I did for 30 minutes & i put it in the freezer for 30 seconds. It still says it's to warm. Also it stopped saying that and went to normal but then it said too warm & it kept going on and yeah. So i put it in a bag of rice because I heard that works. How long should I keep it in there & what else can I do to have it work again?

I can't affored to buy another one & i NEED my ipod. Without music, I'm nothing.

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    I've done this plenty of times before so first off if it was a sticky substance clean the entire outter casing off with a paper towel that's sprayed lightly with windex glass cleaner or another glass cleaner (I find that windex works the best). (clean both case and device) next place it in a container of rice that is enough to cover the entire device. Leave it sit for about 2 hours. If there's rice stuck in the headphone jack or anything just take a bobby pin and smash the rice and shake it out. It's alright if it doesn't all come out, your headphones should still work. Wipe it off with windex again and it should work just fine for you. On another note, never leave your ipod in the hot sun or stick it in the freezer both can cause liquid to form in the device. Hope this helps.

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    I would leave it in the rice for 24 hours, but don't hold much hope.

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